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Suggestion: Add Dueling to the PVP lobby

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Other than the "pestering" argument, why not? (add in auto decline with no notifications for those who do not desire to receive duel requests)

Because we have other option? Far less convenient that standing in front of Cautrell the Traitor, and immediately going at it.

One place, this is the PVP town.


Dueling in Heart of the Mists.

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@"Azure The Heartless.3261" said:If it's in the PVP lobby, HoTM, I'm fine with it.

Add another island like the arena but only have people turn red if they accept a duel request. You can leverage how the "Invite to Dance" skill works for the dance book.

Caveats though:

Why is this any better than the 1v1 arenas?AoE spam from onlookers.

It's better because you don't have to leave the PVP city. It's a way to get what you know players want. Not going to any of those rooms to do it. PVPers tend to hand out in their "city"

Edit: Maybe, if it's possible, make it so onlook aoe spam does not affect the duelists.

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