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Misclick ascended jewel

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Just bought with a misclick a wrong ascended jewel what costs 1000 bandit crests and 10 gold. I don't need it and needed to buy something else. What can I do with a jewel?Can arena net make some question if you want to brake something important, but for buying things? Like "Do you wanna really buy this ascended?":(

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@"Linken.6345" said:Oh people rage about those pop ups do you really want to salvage/buy this. ( come on anet wer not children we know what we want )And when anet makes fewer people ask why arent there any do you really want to buy/salvage =) They can never win.

People are different. And even experienced players can have a "ow sh*t" moment. Confirmations are there for a reason, but A toggle to turn them off would be nice to assist anyone who gets annoyed by them.

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@"Amethysta.9504" said:Oh really this can work? Didn't even know what! So thank you ^^

Can? Yup. Support can fix things like "so, it turns out I don't like the mad scientist logging tool skin at all, could I swap it for another", if you ask nicely.

Will? It depends. Being polite, and not doing it too often, are a big help in getting them to say yes. In general, though, GW2 support people like to make their players happy, as much as they can, so if they can confirm what happened, they usually do help fix the occasional oops.

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