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Evenbard: Fear Not This Night (thief elite spec suggestion)


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The evenbards are the moon and stars at night, the melody that overcomes depression, and the light in the darkness. They bring hope and benevolence to their allies in doubt, guiding their path and harden their resolve. The evenbards are decent at inspiring and encouraging their allies in the shadow, but when time comes, their spirit of consecration gives them the courage to reveal themselves so that they can better aid their allies, even though this may put themselves in harm’s way.

New class mechanic:1. LightbringerWhenever the evenbard uses steal, he gains a single-use skill called “lightbringer” in F2 slot instead of stolen skills. Lightbringer shadowsteps the evenbard to an ally and grants a unique effect based on the profession of that ally:Warrior: grants adrenalineGuardian: recharge all virtues by 6 secondsRevenant: grants energyEngineer: recharge all tool belt skills by 3 secondsRanger: recharge pet swap by 15 secondsThief: grants initiativeNecromancer: grants life forceElementalist: fully recharge all attunementsMesmer: recharge all shatters by 4.5 seconds

1200 rangeCan be used while cc’d but does not remove the cc (same as steal)Can only be used with an ally in range targetedTriggers all stolen skill traits but not steal traitsThe icon for this skill should be an apple

2. Enchanted stealth attacksThe evenbard has a new set of stealth attacks:

Dagger stealth attack: Inspiring StabDeals damage to a foe and heals all allies around you, the healing is doubled if the enemy is struck from side or back.Damage: 600Healing: 750Healing from side or back: 1500

Sword stealth attack: Crescent ArchlightSweep your sword in an elegant arch in front of you, enemies caught in the arch are dazed and allies caught in the arch gain superspeed.Damage: 500Daze: 0.5 secondsSuperspeed: 1.5 secondsNumber of targets: 3 (allies) +3 (enemies)

Shortbow stealth attack: Aqua ShotFire an arrow at a target location that leaves a water field.Damage: 450Water field duration: 4 secondsNumber of target: 5

Pistol stealth attack: Vital BloomFire a fast traveling shot at a foe and leaves a light field at that foe’s location.Damage: 500Light field duration: 4 seconds

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New weapon Type: off-hand focusDifferent from other off-hands, it is the dual wield skills that serves as the main tool of stealth for focus, whereas the skills 4 and 5 offer unique supportive effects. Also the focus skills tend to have a higher initiative cost or longer induction/delay.

Slot 3 (dual wield with dagger): Veiling HymnLeap forward and stealth yourself.Initiative cost: 5Damage: 550Stealth: 2 secondsRange: 450Combo finisher: leap(Stealth always triggers)

Slot 3 (dual wield with sword): Cleansing SongStrike your foe, clear conditions on hit and stealth yourself.Initiative cost: 6Damage: 500Stealth: 2 secondsCondition removed: 2This skill has an evade frame of 0.75 seconds(Stealth always triggers)

Slot 3 (dual wield with pistol): Vigilant BalladFire a shot that remove a boon from a foe and stealth yourself on hit.Initiative cost: 5Damage: 400Stealth: 2 secondsBoon removed: 1(Stealth triggers on hit)

Slot 4: Swift DissonanceQuickly hurl a dissonance around a foe at range, causing an effect based on the distance from that foe.Initiative cost: 6Damage: 200Within 600 range: cripple (5s)600-900 range: daze (0.75s)900-1200 range: stun (0.75s)Range: 1200(This skill should have an induction time around 0.25 seconds)

Slot 5: Anthem of NightSlowly performs a song that heals and grants endurance for all allies around you after a delay.Initiative cost: 6Healing: 750Endurance gained: 10Radius: 360(This skill should have an induction time of 1s and a delay of 1s, causing the effect to take place 2s after cast)

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New utility type: ConsecrationThe new utility type of the evenbard is Consecration, most of these consecration skills would grant the revealed effect to the evenbard as a cost of their powerful, mostly instant-cast effects.

Healing Skill: Rising AuroraConsecration. Deliver a beam of aurora that bounces between allies and enemies, healing allies and siphoning health from foes.Life siphon damage: 250Life siphon healing: 1500Healing: 1750Number of bounces: 3Range: 1200Bounce radius: 1200(This is the only consecration skill that doesn’t reveal the evenbard, but the life siphon damage would definitely reveal the evenbard if he’s in stealth. The evenbard is always the source for the life siphon healing. If used without an enemy or ally around, the evenbard only heals himself for 1750 as it’s considered a single bounce)

Utility 1: Trinity PerceptionConsecration. Reveal yourself, creating a triangular field around you, constantly remove blindness from allies within this field. When this effect ends, burst out a flash of light that blinds and reveals enemies around you.Self reveal: 4sTrinity Perception (4s): remove blindness at an intervalInterval: 0.25sBlindness removedBlindness: 4sReveal: 2sNumber of targets: 5Break stun(The triangular field moves with the evenbard. This skill by itself doesn’t seem very useful, but giving reveal application to the thief class can be very powerful)

Utility 2: Back to BackConsecration. Reveal yourself, share a copy of your boons with all nearby allies. When the reveal effect ends, get a copy of all boons from all nearby allies.Self reveal: 4sBoon share: inherit the stacks but not the durations (aka fixed durations like other boon share skills)Boon share radius: 600Boon reception radius: 360(This skill should have a short induction)

Utility 3: Stellar Path & Stellar FlashStellar Path:Consecration. Reveal yourself, create a portal that’s invisible to enemies at a target location, allies can go through the portal to teleport to your side. Gain access to Stellar Flash when the portal is activeSelf reveal: 2sPortal duration: 15sRange: 1500(This skill should have a moderate induction, the range is only for casting this skill, not for ally teleportation)Stellar Flash:Consecration. Reveal yourself, teleport yourself to your portal and detonate it, dealing heavy damage and slowing all nearby enemies.Self reveal: 2sDamage: 850Slow: 3 secondsRange: 1500(This skill is instant cast but doesn’t break stun)

Utility 4: Frostlight ImpactConsecration. Reveal yourself, chill all nearby enemies and drop a huge light field on the ground. Trigger a blast finisher every second for 8 secondsSelf reveal: 4sFrostlight Impact (8s): trigger a blast finisher at your location at an intervalInterval: 1sChill: 4 secondsChill radius: 900Light field radius: 900Light field duration: 8 seconds(The light field doesn’t move with the evenbard. This skill should either have a short cooldown or break stun)

Elite Utility: The Radiant MoonConsecration. You are the full moon of eternal radiance, the brightest center of the night sky, whose light draws all the attention of those stalking in the darkness, and thus leaving others safely behind the night’s veil. Reveal yourself, constantly apply stealth and remove revealed effect from OTHER nearby allies.Self reveal: 5sThe Radiant Moon (5s): apply stealth and remove revealed effect from allies around you at an intervalReveal removedStealth: 0.75 secondInterval: 0.5 secondsRadius: 360Number of targets: 5Break stun(This skill can result in a maximum of 7.5s stealth for 5 allies but they need to stay close to the evenbard over the effect duration, which makes the stealth duration not op if comparing to traited mass invisibility, but this skill should still have a relatively longer cooldown than MI due to its reveal removal)

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TraitsMinor adept—Night Singer: gain access to off-hand focus, consecration skills, lightbringer and enchanted stealth attacks.

Major adept 1~3:

Minor master—Change the Key: gain concentration when you are in stealth, gain more concentration when you are revealed

Major master 1~3:

Minor grandmaster—Encourager’s Courage: gain protection when you gain reveal (ICD required, but the ICD shouldn’t be much longer than the protection duration, allowing a relatively high uptime of protection for some build that has high boon duration and self reveal application)

Major grandmaster 1: Consecration skills grant boons to allies around you on cast and have 20% reduced rechargeMajor grandmaster 2: gain stability when you gain reveal (ICD required, and same as Encourager’s Courage). Lightbringer also heals the target ally.Major grandmaster 3: gain stealth whenever you shadowstep (ICD required), grant stealth to other nearby allies when you dodge (ICD required, doesn’t stealth yourself)

(Yep some of the traits are not designed yet)

Overall: the evenbard is designed to be a decent group support spec with either good healing or moderate damage. However all evenbard healing skills & effects should have very low base healing and relatively high healing power contribution, as this spec has higher sustain than most other thief builds already, it mustn’t have both high damage and high healing. Also, I didn’t include the Cooldowns (and the initiative costs can also be changed) so it’s subject to balance; as for the power damage of skills, well since they are actually all coefficients so just forget about the random small numbers…

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