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Here 2 Help - New player assistance network!

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Hey everyone!

Here 2 Help and affiliated guild Helping Everyone Learn To Play [HELP] is a community founded by veteran players seeking to assist all new and returning players in getting off their feet in the game!

We've organized after seeing the influx of new players (and Bless refugees) to make a place where newbies can come to ask questions, find people to play with, and learn of upcoming events... And where veterans and mentors can gather to share their knowledge with this new wave of players!

Our Discord is open to all newbies, returning players, and veterans, and membership in the guild is not a requirement to get help from our super friendly community of players!

We are working with our mentors and commanders to organize Hero Point trains, welcome committees in the starter zones, and other fun events to help everyone get acquainted with the best parts of the game. We might even take some fresh 80's out for some low-pressure dungeon, Fractal, and raid runs at some point!

If you see someone with the [HELP] tag in game, feel free to ask them any questions you might have.

We are currently in need of some representation from mentors and commanders on the EU megaserver, so bonus points if you join us from there. However, we will happily accept newbies and veterans from all over.

Help us make everyone feel welcome in Tyria!

Join us by using the following link - https://discord.gg/YbEmBDv

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