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Came back to play a bit more, checking on anymore storyline. Ect. I usually main my ranger and haven't messed with Mesmer in about half a year or so. Today... I kept wondering why I was getting creamed. I liked the challenge of mesmer but today it was all screwed up. Never seen my phantasm's just die so fast.

After asking in chat why I found out that the multi build mesmer with all sorts of playstyles is now a 1 trick mule (Doesn't deserve the title pony) and completely gutted the class. My desire to return and play the game again was ripped to shreds. If I knew who was to blame I would be in the news soon after.

:/ :/ :/ :/

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Believing some stranger in chat that the mesmer was gutted is pointless. Your build probably needs updating, but the mesmer remains one of the most verstaile professions in the game. It can be played condi or power. It can be played as a boon sharing support, a raid tank. The mesmer, as professions go, is still one of the best professions out there.

There's always someone in chat who is sad because something has changed, and uses hyperbole to express their unhappiness. Believing what they say is probably not the best course of action.

A simple look at metabattle.com, or snowcrows.com would show the fallacy of what you were told.

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As a mesmer you can’t just expect to summon your AI and let them do all the work while casually auto-attacking from a distance. You actually need to attack at the same time while making the best use of your shatters.

Welcome back and have fun.

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I also just came back from a long hiatus and was really confused over the new changes.

Stick with it--Mesmer feels great now. So many builds are viable, even if they aren't all meta...but Mesmer also has a TON of meta builds for all content. The biggest adjustment for me was the phantasm changes. I always preferred phantasms to clones and never really got into the habit of shattering, which you will do all the time now.

If you haven't unlocked chrono or mirage do that ASAP.

Have a look here for builds https://metabattle.com/wiki/Mesmer

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