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i am asura training in the cave with the golem. I just made my chrono and wannet to see when i am doing my rotation to what % my boon duration is going up with buffs i provide. Turnes out the boon duration doesnt change when in combat doing my rotation and have H open. So it might work and everything but it doesnt appear on H pannel just regular out of combat boon duration. I have the super sigil of concentration and proper build but nothing changes on H pannel.

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for this test you will need to take everything off to see what the time on boon duration is make sure to wright it down. then put all your gear on and see if the time changes on the boons. if the time changes then its working but you might need more boon duration or you are not useing the right skill/ trait for it.i cant tell you to mutch more then this. in game i think boon duration is concencration.

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