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[PvE][WvW][GvG][PvX][Discord] The Dragon Core [DC] International [NA] guild is recruiting anyone

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Our main focus is the following below and we are currently a small guild but we want to grow to good size guild for everyone to make friends and enjoy themselves while playing the game. Our main goal is that everyone the will enjoy themselves and make new friends in the guild.Focus #1 - WvW - We need both new and experienced WvW players in the guild.Focus #2 - Raids - We need both new and experienced players in the guild to progress our guild through doing raids.Focus #3 - We need more members in the guild for those who just enjoy PvE, PvX Dungeons and FractalsOf course we also looking people to help our guild by being leaders, officers and commanders in the areas above.I believe in working as a Team with having not just one person running the guild but having many good leaders that want to help run a guild.So come and join us today.Guild Leader In-Game Contact: pointaction.4639 Either by in game mail or whisperDiscord Instant Invite: https://discord.gg/7Xw83V3 must provide your Guild Wars 2 ID so one of the leaders in the guild can invite you in the gameGuild Website https://www.dragoncore.net

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