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Request: New Guild Puzzle Missions!

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Hi! Ive recently returned to GW2 with my guild and I'm really loving all the changes since the game first came out. There is a lot to do and a lot to love about the game, and I feel we will be busy here for a while!

One thing has been bothering me as of late, the weekly guild puzzle missions!We have been back for in the game a few months now and I'm pretty sure we've done Langmar's Estate at least 8 times now. It is getting more difficult to get people to participate when it gets so redundant.... There are only 3 possible Guild Puzzle missions (Langmar's Estate, Angvar's Trove, and Proxemic's Lab ((the last of which almost never comes up!))).I understand that the puzzles and such are very creative and take extra time and care to create (LOVE EM!) but I would really love if I could bring my guild into more of them!

Just a humble request from a big puzzle fan!Thanks!

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