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[NA] [IM] Infinite Mana Recruiting MATURE Players New/Vet Join up!

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Hello there fellow Tyrians!

Infinite Mana is a newly formed guild, looking for more active members in our very chill and laid back community.We are currently very active on Guild Wars 2 and Bless Online, but are more than happy to branch out to other games to help the guild grow. We currently have a very diverse group of 70 odd members from all over the world, so our 'active' times vary.

On Guild Wars 2, we are more focused on growing our guild and primarily play PvE/PvP content; however, we aspire to get more into WvW and Raid content when we have more willing members.

For more information, or to apply, feel free to join our Discord (https://discord.gg/tNK2CAD) or send a whisper/mail to Hydlide.7954, Mitchellionz.8534 or Jazza.2603.

Hope to hear from you soon!YOU'VE BEEN INVITED TO JOIN A SERVER

Infinite Mana15 Online39 Members


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