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[Ideas] QoL improvements and features

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Hi, I've been with you for long this is a small list of thing I wished was added or improved.

  • Pingable wallet currencies. Just cool.
  • Being able to label the account bank tabs like you can with the guild bank tabs.
  • Send a mentorship to a protégé (person must be lower lvl than you), giving bonus exp and mf to both. Probably also good for the mentor tag.
  • Only on the client machine of the user that tags up: Show commander/catmander/mentor tag somewhere on bottom or left UI element and not above his own character, blocking view.
  • Damage numbers should not leave the screen if camera is being moved away from the center of target. Only in addition: Make damage numbers always-on-top of the rest of the UI.
  • Loading screen progress bar. We have -maploadinfo and I believe we had a progress circle in the early stages of the game. Why is this not a thing?
  • A small tag indicator for a commander in squad group so we aren't required to put ourself as commander into a one-man subgroup. Put commander ontop of the list on [Teleport to Friend] as default when in squad with commander.
  • Tickbox for auto-worn when out-of-combat / auto-hidden when entering combat outfit. (This feature of GW1 was amazing. Why is it not taken over to GW2!? We already have a ooc-check system for the toy-mounts in place.)
  • Tickbox for auto-hidden when out-of-combat / auto-worn when entering combat helmet .
  • Make iconic Joko throne sitable with the latest added chair sit animations.
  • Automatic organization for pug raids: Hot join button which is level restricted and gear restricted (full ascended). Punishment for leavers (not people getting kicked). Get rid of bad behaviour in LFG.
  • Alliances for WvW (yey for the announcement!)
  • Tickbox to disable dirt background of the skill bar?
  • API: Access to model proportions, facial settings and gear to integrate 3D view of character into web applications.
  • Tooltip of specific items could show how many you have of that item on your account/storage. (system already in place for some vendors.)
  • Combo finishers priority on SELF-casted combo fields.
  • Chat function that replies with current map population. "Current map population: xx/125 players."

Best Regards,NekRes

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