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Easiest class/build to get into raiding with in the current meta?


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I've played a lot on release, some more with HoT, but I've been mostly away from the game for a while. Now, after having fought my way through LS3 story and into PoF, I'd also like to get into raiding at some point, the one part of the game I have pretty much zero experience with so far. Since there are no "story modes" here, I understand that even the easiest parts of raids are really hard, so my question is rather simple: What class to choose for this? Which class/build combination doesn't require you to have four hands to run the proper rotation, which can you run maybe without having full ascended armor, which role can you fill that doesn't cause an immediate wipe if you make a mistake? I have chars of all classes save thief at max level, but most of my gear on most classes is still fully focused on power which I understand isn't really best in slot for most meta builds?

So is there anything you can recommend?

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