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Best Change Ever!!!


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@DemonSeed.3528 said:

@"Israel.7056" said:because it's much harder to win now and it makes me want to actually care about being good at this game again.

I thought people complained it was harder to win the other way around since people kept res'ing downs and couldn't cut down the zerg?

Yeah the wording is confusing I agree.

The removal of downed state this week has significantly lowered the margin for error for all players on the field. Mistakes that would ordinarily just get you downed can now get you killed. So the stakes are much higher when an error is made on either side because either side can punish the error more decisively. Ordinarily the larger a group is the more mistakes they get to make because they have more people who can just res anyone who goes down while still having plenty of people left to fight to cover the res. Their numbers disproportionately benefit them in this way. But without downed state both sides can instantly lose players and this disproportionately benefits whichever side can land their damage more quickly and precisely while avoiding damage more effectively and it also means that when overextenders and out of positioners get punished they're completely done whereas ordinarily they would just get downed. So the game becomes much easier to win if you do not make mistakes and the enemy does but much more punishing if you do make mistakes and the enemy doesn't. I am reluctant to use the word "skill" here because most people only think of 'mechanical skill' or complexity of execution but another key aspect of skill is 'precision of action' or not making mistakes.

EDIT: Another relevant aspect of what we broadly call "skill" is speed or how fast you can execute an action. With the removal of downed state speed becomes much more important both offensively and defensively because no one has the safety blanket of downed state to fall back on. This means that if you're really fast and you land your damage you might just get a kill and it also means that you have to be ready to react extremely quickly to any attack at any time.

I have personally been having a harder time than usual this week because I have grown accustomed to the safety blanket of downed state and I find myself making all sorts of instinctive choices that are errors now. I'm basically having to relearn positioning and timing a little bit because I can't just rely on getting the rally or going down and getting ressed anymore.

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