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Returning player looking for class guidance.


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Hello there everyone! I am well aware the expansion is hot off the press and exploration through all the aspects of the new content is in progress. But i am looking for some advice and would like any insight you have available.

Quick backstory -Played HoT for about a year until I dropped the game for a while as RL adventures were starting. Used to play alot of wvw solo roaming, fractals and open world. So pretty casual back then - wvw being my main calling. I played at the time a Norn necromancer. Swaping to whatever build each week draining my gold. Eventually decided to start up a legendary collection. To which i am currently sat at 50% through nevermore 2.

Recently I have been following the news of PoF and have decided to rejoin the game. Got back on my necromancer and was unfortunately very rusty and the character felt awkward. This was 99% my issue as i knew that it had been a while since playing any game so all my muscle memory has gone senile. So I have decided to start from scratch - in the process of mistakably deleting my character.

More to the point I am in a bit of a dilema of where classes stand and which to reconsider using for the expansion - something to main. So i am asking for a bit of guidance.

A bit of criteria I would like to include.

  • Decent duelist (wont fold to a random theif in wvw in seconds - build dependant i know..)
  • Staff user ( Not meta, but i would like to continue to work on nevermore and be able to equip it but better if it is used)
  • Decent mobility for roaming ( then again i found reaper 2 and swiftness to suffice )
  • Be of some use to a group in a fractal setting.

As alot is new all this information is incredably overwhelming. I plan to try some of the new elite specs in spvp this evening and would love any insights you have for what you are playing at the moment.

Thank you in advance! Appologies for potato formatting - mobile user.

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