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WvW Server Balancing needs to be looked at again

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This "no downed state" event has really brought out how mismatched some of the servers are. I'm sure this has been addressed numerous times before, but it needs to be addressed again. Keeping the servers balanced better would make WvW a lot more fun for everyone involved. I know on my server "GoM", we have a very hard time getting a full zerg going, but that often doesn't seem the case of the servers we are pitted against. Maybe they need to be mixed up again?

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@"SkyShroud.2865" said:They are blowing up servers soon, the primary purpose is to fix this population imbalance. We don't know when but yes, it is overdue since the problems have been around for years.

Hopefully, "soon" is sometime in 2018! :lol:

We'll see. :wink:

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