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Skills don't render/delayed sounds or no sound at all with my skills

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Hello, I try to return to GW2 after hearing good things and when I play I have the same issue as last time before heart of thorns expansion. My skills for all my classes I have (reaper, elementalist) do not render meaning there will be no animation when I cast the skill or it will be delayed. An example is when I cast that fire breath skill on elementalist no animation will appear but after a few seconds I will start to see the fire shooting. In addition to that I will also get the same effect with my sound quality where it won't start or will be delayed when casting the skill. I currently use an alienware laptop 17R3 with i7-6700HQ, 2.6ghz, and 980M on it.

Not many players I see have this issue so I wonder if it could be on my part. I sent a ticket to support but I was hoping to get more answers here too if possible. Thanks!

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