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Idea from No down stated week


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After a few hours playing, i think i have an idea.

So, the no down stated can be use for weaking the big zergs.


Very easy.

We use the tecnology of the territories of the structures, the same we use for flying or the buff aura.

Now, lets think that there are, i do not know, like 30 enemy players in that area. That would make that the buff of the "not down state" appears in that group, but not in the one that is lower numbers.

What we obtain? To make the zerg vulnerable to little groups, and do not be a imbloqueable destruction forcd.

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This would make defending way to OP, take somewhere like hills, now imagine that the zerg attacking it has 50 players, the zerg inside defending also has 20 players, if there is a no downstate rule, there is no reason for them to ever jump out to defend, just build 20 AC's and rain down on them, the game already has way to much siege battles as it is, the no downstate just encourages it even more.

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We have suggested using the zones as a "locally outmanned" mechanic before, but unfortunetly combat isnt that simple. There is a myriad of ways to exploit this.

Just as an example, lets say there is a 20v50 "fight" at the front of a keep (ie acs vs zerg). Those 20 have downed state, the 50 does not because the keep zone has defenders outmanned. But the zone isnt that small, is it? Now imagine if 2 attackers are fighting 5 defenders on the back of the same keep. Defenders are still outmanned 25 to 52. But those fighting in a 2v5 wont have downstate, while the 5 defenders have.

This mechanic would wreck havoc on smallscale balance near zergs.

If you reduce the size of the zones you run into another issue, which is hovering near borders to avoid or get outmanned.

Its just no good. I would rather prefer finetuning the downstate - less hp, no invouln, limit ressers to 2 (5 is a crowd), stuff like that.

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