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Fresh 80/new player LF Guild (NA-Yaks Bend)

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Hello Bow,

Onward And Upward [sOAR] is a WvW guild located on Jade Quarry/Sanctum of Rall servers. We have no represent or activity policies but appreciate all our members' support. Our goal is to help new or returning players like you get back up to speed and take off in WvW! This includes a guild Discord with WvW information, theorycrafting, and mentoring. I think we'd make a great compliment to whatever PvE and PvX guilds you join! Additionally, since we're on different servers we're happy to help pay for your transfer. If you're interested in joining us, please send a message to Mysteriax.6049 or on Discord at Bad Axxe#2937. Thanks and have a great day!

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