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No Down state and dueling in WvW

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The addition of no down state is an amazing thing. Smaller groups now have a chance of outplaying larger groups. It's fantastic. It promotes actual use of tactics rather than relying on the crutch which is downed state. I suggest having this be a permanent thing, honestly.

HOWEVER, this kills dueling in WvW/Obsidian Sanctum. If you lose a duel and get downed you just instantly die and have to walk all the way back. It's annoying.

So, I suggest adding in a "Request Duel" option when right clicking on a player. If they accept then when downed they do not insta die. Restrict this to the OS if needed. For those afraid of duel requests, then they can just include an option to ignore requests automatically.

Don't say "HUR DURR duel in your guild hall." The guild halls follows PvE rules/damage/balance. Same thing goes for suggesting PvP.

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I agree with you. I only do solo roaming and I love the new possibility of more fair outnumbered fights, especially 1vs2 in my case (1vs3 are impossible to win for me xD). You focus one player and kill him and you don't have to worry about him getting random ressed by a npc death or by another player.

Sometimes I do duels at duel spot and yeah it's pretty frustating not able to do that anymore, now people just coward gank you 5vs1 and follow you for half the map till they got the kill and put a siege on you.

Unfortunately gankers are a plague of the gamemode, but yeah even skilless bad players should have a way to play right? XD

I would love to see it permanent too.

I love your idead of duel request, but I would add a 100% invulnerability against other players too.

You can damage only the player you asked to duel and he can only damage you if you stay on a certain range and for a limited amount of time.

This way other stupid players can't interrupt your duel and at the same time you wont be able to damage others or have capture contribution of any kind, just a good 1vs1 duel.

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