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Condi Firebrand WvW


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Im getting more into Firebrand lately. To the point where i actually wanted to try it in WvW. For both (solo) roaming and blob fighting. However, i dont want to go supportive minstrel FB as that is kind of the main thing they are running. I'd like to run more offensive. My question would be if anyone has experience in this? What build are you running?

I personally was thinking about these builds:- (solo) Roaming- Blob fighting

Dunno, i never played Firebrand in WvW, Any feedback is highly appreciated.

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You need to take virtues - master of consecration and virtues - permeating wrath.

I've played extensively as a dire burn guard over the years when not running power radiant hammer. It's legit when you combo off of purging flames but as of pof there are certain professions you will not win the fight against if they are half decent. People will tell you dire burns makes you a trash player, and sure its cheese in a 1v1. But your aim is to take down 1v5's so jokes on them.

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