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Buying Path of Fire

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Any Living Story Episodes that you have not unlocked by logging in while the Episode was active will require Gems. Buying an expansion only allows access to unlocked Episodes that are tied to that expansion.If you are missing Living Story Season 2 or 3 Episodes, you will need to purchase those with Gems.If you have unlocked Season 4 Episodes, but can not access them, purchasing Path of Fire will allow you access.

Good luck.

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If you are talking about the Living World Season 3, then no.

All living world episodes will unlock for free to those that logged in during the time the episode is active, either the moment they log in or whenever you buy the expansion associated with it (HoT in case of season 3, PoF for season 4). Anybody that did not log in during the time a Living World episode is active will have to buy access to that episode with gems.

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