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The concept of death


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I'm now lost with this concept all around tyria and I would like to have explanations on the following topics: :)

-Firstly, when someone die, does he/she travel to the domain of grenth or is it reserved to humans / believers?-And then, is it possible to return to the actual world like the commander did?-About necromancers, can they brought dead peoples back to live?And these necromancers, are they alive or already dead?-What are the differencies between a branded, a risen, a lich, and an awakened?It seem a dead can be brought back to life by branding, cf necrobrand emulation lab, but so what is to be branded? A kind of parasitism like a zombie? And so, to be awakened, you have to be dead or not?-Does branded are cunscious of their previous live? And risen?When awakened, is it like mordremoth? You have a voice inside your head telling what to do?-I've heard about artifacts, can someone put some parts of his soul inside an item?Does immortality exist and can be reached with the help of any medium? Apart becoming a golem?-Does the concept of soul exist? Some creatures don't have a soul?-Zhaitan was already dead or alive? How can a dragon already dead control another undeads?-Does heavens exist and are specific to each race?-I don't remember anybody trying to increase his life time and avoid death by using prosthesis, citizens just accept their death?

This is it, I hope I haven't discouraged you with my wall of text ^^

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where somebody goes upon death depends on race and circumstances of their death

under special circumstances (when the plot demands it)

resurrection spells are lost to time.

necromancers can be both alive or dead depends on the individual

branded aren't undead they're dragon minions of kralk, risen are undead dragon minions of zhaitan, awakened are undead minions of joko and a lich is a type of undead

dead things can be turned undead not alive (diffrent things)

dragon minions might be conscious but they most certainly aren't in control of themselves.

they are under control of their dragon master (so probably)

yes, we see it happen in season 2

yes but the how is extremly rare knowledge


zhaitan was the elder dragon of death magic. (read the wiki on what an elder dragon is, it make things more clear)

there does exist afterlives for the other races (salads have the dream, etc.)

prosthetics exist but it's probably more convenient to use healing magic

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