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Game crashes everytime

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@"Akuma.1635" said:i did but didnt worked im Repairing data archive now maybe that helps =/

The other things to try would be to reinstall your graphics drivers, and to ensure that anything that gets into the rendering path is disabled.

The later includes ArcDPS, reshade, gw2hook, the steam overlay, overwolf and friends, in-game overlays from VoIP clients such as discord, and screenshot / DVR type systems including the native Windows 10 game DVR, NVIDIA ShadowPlay, etc. Finally, some GPU performance monitoring tools, notably Riva Statistics Server, have caused this sort of crash for others when they were outdated.

Uh, and try rebooting once too. Just in case. A surprisingly large number of people report that helping...

The original crash, FWIW, is that something gave back "0" when a real thing was expected. That value signals an error creating something or initializing something that GW2 is trying to use, but which the developers of GW2 expected would never fail. So, they crash rather than some reasonable error message. That is most commonly in the graphics pipeline, just because that is where you most commonly get random stuff getting in the way.

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