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[NA] Long time hardcore MMO player, new to GW2

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A friend and I are looking for a guild that runs fractals. We have both been playing WoW for over a decade, and have been doing too tier raiding and the new top tier dungeons they introduced with the last expansion.He played GW2 a while ago when it came out and is resuming on his old account with a lvl 80 Mesmer and a lvl 80 Necro. I am playing a lvl 80 Elementalist and have a lvl 80 Warrior and Guardian as well as a lvl 80 boost I can utilize.We are primarily seeking a guild that does Fractals. We would be new to them, but are not new to how dungeons work in MMOs. I am also interested in some casual/social guilds to play PvE with.

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Sounds like you may be just what we're looking for in The Limit of Advance. Long story short, we're currently looking for both new and returning players so that we can all experience and learn the new mechanics and content together, and enjoy the thrill of the unknown for us all.

You should definitely check out my recruiting post for the guild. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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