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Would creating and selling Zojja's Berserker Inscription be a good source of gold?

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So, I was trying out creating Zojja's Spire for my first attempt at crafting an ascended weapon. While making it, I noticed something interesting. One of the ingredients, Zojja's Berserker Inscription sells for a whopping 40 gold on the Trading Post (or 35 gold on an off-day).

Now, my entire bankroll rarely goes much above 40 gold these days. I do dailies for the 2 gold bonus whenever I log on. I run some world bosses, or trains in LFG on open world sometimes. Rarely do I make much above 4 gold in a day of play. I'm pretty much one of those "filthy casual" players, and haven't really gotten on the Fractale bandwagon yet. So the prospect of just selling the Inscription for a quick 40 gold has its appeal.

Right now I largely have the material to do it. Except for Spiritwood Planks. I only have 3 of those left, and you can only make one plank per day. I imagine the time sink is part of the reason the price is high. I've been playing the game around 2 years casually and naturally accumulated a lot of stuff needed for this. But I'm kind of wondering how expensive it would be to buy Globs of Dark Matter, Mithrillium, and all the other stuff that goes into this item.

Could I run a profit selling one of these Inscriptions every 3rd or 4th day once I have enough Spiritwood Planks built up, or are their prohibitively expensive ingredients that are going to sink the whole plan?

Is there a website that calculates all this based on up to date market prices?

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Thanks... Managed to find the shopping profile for the Inscription here:


It looks like the whole crafting process would take about 3 days for the Globs of Spirit Residue and Lumps of Mithrillium. It would yield a profit of about 10 gold after the cost of materials. You can buy all the materials for it on the Trading Post except for one item - Globs of Dark Matter. Those can't be bought and sold on the trading post. At present I have enough to craft another Inscription or two. But my supply is limited and I might need those for something else - they seem to be a common ingredient in other ascended weapons and armor (mostly for the Inscriptions on those items). My character doesn't have ascended armor yet, and I might want to store up these Globs of Dark Matter for doing that in the future...

If I wanted to craft Ascended armor... which I've heard isn't necessarily the way you want to get the stuff (I think fractales are the way most people get ascended gear).

Anyway, it's good knowing where to go to research this stuff now. Just using the wiki and the in-game auction house was really clumsy. Thanks again.

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You should also pay attention to the patterns of TP prices during the course of a week. A lot of times the prices vary quite a bit depending on how many people are playing, so you might find that you can sell for substantially more during off-hours.

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Also have note that certain salvage-based inscriptions/insignias have more profit than the item it arrives on. It only applies to exotics, and iirc from Lv.80 ones.

Though to answer the original question, always check to see if what you are making yields more than the mats to craft it. Down to the smaller components. If the ultimate result isn't going to have much yield, the loss of time isn't really worth the while.

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