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Invisible walls

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I understand that with the introduction of mounts it has become much easier to break out of maps, or "void jump". Your solution to this seems to be putting invisible walls in places where it would be easy to break out. However, I have had some issues with the positioning of these walls. For example: in bloodtide coast it is still VERY easy to break out of the map using the same technique that was used before the patch. On the other hand, there have been walls placed in seemingly random locations. For example: I am part of a community that frequently runs Triple Trouble Wurm, we use the small hill to the right of the firthside vigil waypoint as a stacking spot for special character, now impossible due the addition of an invisible wall in that location. I hope you see my point: placing walls everywhere isn't going to stop people from trying to break out of maps, and I think the best way to stop void jumping is just to make it impossible to get back on land from the void (as it seems most maps already have done). If that's not an option, could you please just remove that invisible wall as it would make organising wurm runs a lot easier.

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