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Glyph of the Leatherworker bugged?

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My Glyph of the Leatherworker is working fine. I got leather from harvesting wood in the guild hall as well. Keep in mind its a 33% chance of getting leather along. This doesn't mean "gather 100 wood and you get 33 leather". Are you sure the glyph is on your tool? (When your tool runs out it auto goes backpack and won't be auto equipped on your new tool).

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@Ashantara.8731 said:Okay, thanks for the feedback, everyone. Perhaps it was just a unfortunate run indeed. (And yes, of course I have the Glyph equipped on the tool. What kind of question is that? ;))

If you actually care, keep a record of attempts vs bonuses. Over the course of 10 strikes you might get wildly inaccurate results, but when you get to 100 total you should be close to 33 bonus, and at 1000 very close. The other advantage is actually recording it will prevent selective memory -- something we all suffer from and can't avoid -- from making it seem worse (or better) than it really is.

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