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May we have an Outfit Design Contest?

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Let's cut right to it; For me, the outfits in gw2 that are released in the gemstore are always, always, ALWAYS lacking in design.Either, they're too blocky and look like something that you'd find in a Spencer's at the mall or the outfit itself could look amazing but it has animations that seem to overcompensate for a lack of detail and sadly used to 'justify' the gem price.

This is just one sylvari's opinion! There are some good outfits in the gemstore! Like the Wedding attire. It looks different depending on the race and gender you are and it is finely detailed and gorgeous. I wish we'd get more outfits as such.

...But we can! With all of the amazing designs for the Design-a-weapon contest I know we'd have amazing artists and minds come together to help create outfits and send anet a "HEY! This is what we want!"

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Outfits/Amor have a much stricter metrics requirement then weapon designs would..... and that alone makes me leery about how successful the idea would be in practice. I've seen a few other games try this kind of thing with armor designs..... and as far as I've seen, none them were ever efficient enough (from creator to implementation) to make it through vetting, without the Art team having to redo the entire design from scratch with the concept as a base. Depending on what does/doesn't comply with metrics determines what survives the remodeling process. And depending whats striking about the design, it can either be acceptably preserved or utterly ruined on its key elements.

Its in this conversion process that clashes tend to happen. If you give designers the metrics, it limits the types of designs they go with; often resulting in them fluffing other areas to get visual appeal. But the fluff is also a big problem when you're on a tight (engine) resource budget. Animations in this engine are expensive. Effects are expensive. Even some of the object scaling is a problem. Magnify that by 100, and thats a reasonable estimate of its load cost in the average world boss fight.
Anet's even ignored this on occasion in order to sell a better design.... but its a flawed practice that has consequences down the line. One that has caused a noticeable impact on performance and visual coherence.

I don't think its impossible..... I just don't Trust Anet in this current climate to maintain the robust protocols needed, to make this both effective and efficient.

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