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PvP farmers

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Hello Anet, I have come to give you a complaint. The issue is that in pvp there is a lot of unbalance by people who only do this and by people who really want to play or practice. During all this week I tried to practice with a character that I do not dominate at all, the Thief, but today when starting the ranked I have only met with people who come to farm and not to give their best to win or have a high rank. Do not you think it would be better to divide these people with a search to farm or something? It sounds illogical but it would be the only thing that occurs to me to be able to stop all those people who actually come to bother me the afternoon. Thanks for any response

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As someone who farms PvP, I think it's unfair too.

The only way to obtain the marks in PvP is through ranked, now the issue is, I don't always take ranked seriously for a variety of reasons (which is already extremely unfair to my 4 allies) but it could be a work day and I want to unwind, I could be drunk, who knows... But the current system is forcing players like myself to be combined with players who take their rank seriously, Almost as if we are putting Jews and Germans together for a soccer match in the early 1900's.

I made a thread a while ago about putting PIPS into unranked or to allow me and my friends/guildies to form a 5 man to farm the PIPS/Marks but it wasn't well received. People don't want team queue to come back nor do people want to split the "population" by allowing reduced PIP rewards in unranked...

TLDR: We're stuck with the current system even if it isn't mutually beneficial for everyone.

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@Airdive.2613 said:I fail to see the problem.You can never know for sure whether those people are trying their best, but even if they are not, these pesky farmers will eventually drop to the lowest rank where they can't bother you anymore.

Im high gold to low platinum... refer to post above yours.

I couldn't get any lower unless I afk'd every game.

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