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Guild - Try To Beat Us - is looking for new friendly players (EU)

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Hey my name is mastershifu and I am the leader of my new guild: [TTBU]. (EU)I'm looking for players to join my guild so that we can work together to help eachother climb the ladder of guild wars 2. We will focus on PvE but we will occasionally do PvP and WvW.You don't have to be a die-hard gamer to join this guild (you just have to be online twice a week) and you have to be a pro at the game, I would even encourage new players to join this guild for we will help you with wathever we can.The rules are also very simple:

  • Be friendly
  • online twice a week
  • don't ask for items
  • have funIf there is a problem with one or two members pls contact me.If you want to join please comment your username below.
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