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Gaining experience with no mastery points.


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So, I have experience wise, maxed out all of the Core Tyria mastery lines, but do not have the points to activate the last two. The problem I am having is I can no longer gain any more experience while I am trying to gain the last of the mastery points I need. Anybody else having this problem?

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Once all tracks in a region are unlocked and completed by unlocking with mastery points, experience goes towards a 254,000 repeatable track to gain 1 Spirit Shard.png. If the XP bars are full on all tracks but you have not purchased all the masteries, your XP bar will not gain XP until you complete them all.


You will not get any experience bar progression when you:

  1. Are level 80 AND
  2. Filled up all your mastery experience bars (for that region) AND
  3. Still have unpurchased mastey ranks

Once you obtained enough mastery points to purchase all mastery ranks, any additional experince progression will go towards one sprit shard per filled XP bar.

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