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Vitality vs healing power?


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@Zeghart.9841 said:If you check the scaling for those skills, you'll notice that they have respectively 0.02, 0.05 and 0.3 scaling with healing power, which is absolutely terrible.

Even investing massively in it would give very low returns, it's simply not worth it. Vitality is better in all cases.

Agreed. Few weeks before PoF dropped I was a bit bored and made a full healing power support build for WvW (yeah I know, "shoutheal in 2017" memes, but I was curious anyway so made it for fun).Well even with maxed healing power the results were rather terrible. In full exotic gear with healing power main stat on everything (mixed cleric/magi stuff based on which was the cheapest or could be purchased with karma) my shouts were healing like ~3k each (with max stacked healing power sigil).Condi cleansing was a bit absurd though, had it on Shake it Off, additionally +1 cleanse on every shout with Trooper runes, both Warhorn skills with trait, and of course weapon swap + Cleansing Ire.Anyway I don't recommend it to anyone, I goofed around with it a few times but it was boring and the healing was ineffective, not even mentioning I was hitting like a wet noodle.

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