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[EU] OTEC looking to merge with another guild


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The Order of The Eaten Cookie is looking to merge with another guild. We're a bunch of veteran, older players who no longer have the time or energy to run a guild. We sport ourselves a level 42 guild hall , (paid for 90% by myself so i personally don't want to lose it!) and any perspective new GM would get full control over the guild, everything, apart from the ability to kick the original OTEC members (of which there are approx. 10 of us). This is a chance for a brand new guild to inherit a guild hall with most of the upgrades for free, it just includes a couple of hangers on who can be ignored most of the time!The OTEC members will join in on events if we get time, and we are very experienced... we're just old and unreliable now ^^Best place to catch me is in game, or send me a mail. If there are multiple people interested i will interview as i want to make sure i put OTEC into the right hands!


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