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Quick draw and CA


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Hi everybody i am a new ranger playing heal druid. I usually do this "rotation" when there is no need of fast heals and i need to buff team:

Starts in staff, enter combatProc quick draw with swap and use call of the wild then CA. I stay in CA for around 10 secs (i even tried full duration) then i get out and quick draw should proc again. But nothing, no quick draw. Is it a bug? I am doing something wrong? It happens quite often.

Sometimes it procs but if i dont get out manually from CA it wont. Ty fellow rangers for help

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@Wondrouswall.7169 said:Make sure you are not exiting Celestial Form while casting a Celestial Form skill.


Also there's normally no reason to camp CA at all unless your team needs heavy healing. Just use rejuvenating tides and exit immediately. Camping CA will reduce your glyph uptime and damage considerably.

If you still use warhorn then you can proc quickdraw on call of the wild by entering CA midway through the cast of warhorn 5.

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