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@Keetz.1350 @"mechanicalman.8645" -- I don't know if this was originally for the same discord, or for the one that mysteriously disappeared a couple months ago, but the current Community Discord that Dragonbrand is using can be accessed via this link.

On joining the Discord server, you will only have basic access. To be verified Dragonbrand for full access, please send a private message to the GW2Bot with "$key add [API here]"To generate an API key, head to https://account.arena.net/ and in the "Applications" tab, generate a new key; the account checkbox is necessary, everything else is up to you.Once the bot verifies your key has been associated, please go to the Verification-Zone channel and type "$wvw info" -- a Discord Admin will give you Verified status shortly after.

Hope this helps out!

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