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[NA][Dragon Brand] Looking for what a guild should be ……. [ PVE], [WvW], [FRAC][DUNGEON),


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Hello,I played guild GW1 and stopped. Wish I would have known about GW2 when it came out. So I’ve now been playing for about 1.8 years. Yes I have joined allot of guilds and quit allot of guilds for specific reasons, but I did not try to start drama in any of them. Most guilds I gave at least 48 hours for a first impression to see if I would fit in and I stated I was joining as a trial to see if we were a good fit for each other.There was one case where a guild kept not sending invite when they said they were. Finally 2 days later I got the invite. The “ 21 – 30 active players” turned out to be 5. They had discord. But, it was not being used for voice chat but it was used for posting MeMes. So that was the shortest membership. Mmm.... it was not a fit . And I was later HEX’d for re-applying (also they filed a complaint with moderator because I told him why I quit in 15 min). Still laughing on that.

Anyways Looking for a guild or a few.

what I'm not looking for is:• A guild leader who refers to himself in the third person.• The discord chat is so pornographic that I feel I need to smoke after leaving chat or shower.• Politics are discussed openly unless you are on the other side of the fence, at which point you are talked over or muted.• Claims of greater than 30+ people on but all are afk or playing games other than GW2.• Claims that discord chat is encouraged for voice communication, but meme post use only is what is observed by new members.• The guild expects you to help out and drop what you’re doing at all times, but the favor is not returned.

  • Commander in WvW kicks you from squad because he does not know your part of guild...when standing in front of him with guild tag and in chat tagged as part of guild.
  • So if your guild does not match the above bullet points . Maybe we can chat further.

Also I’m on The Dragon Brand Server so WvW might be interesting if your on another server. At least until December was to be December for revamp of WvW worlds.

I'm usually active M-F After 7PM (PST/PDT) but can surprise people by logging in earlier sometimes.

Sat-Sun I never know when I will be on unless I schedule time specific for guild missions ECT….

Times above may change as I'm going back to school for bachelors in Information technology...so will not be playing as much

Lets chat before a random invite to guild…that way we both know everything before you send invite and/or I accept invite. I won't waste your time with misleading info and hope for the same on your side. Also if I was a member of your guild before I quit for specific reasons.....that does not mean the same reason exist today. Mmm there is one exception of a hex.

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Heya... I didn't know if I should PM you or post here, but we might be a fit.

We're also on SoR and are a small guild but growing. We're a new WvW guild and run (just about) every night from 7:00 central until ???. Some nights we have 15 in the group but most nights 8-10. (again, we're growing slowly so will grow) Our goal is to have 2 groups of 20... we'll see.

We come from a large WvW guild that isn't active here but a handful of us wanted to stay so a month or so ago we started on our own. We know how to recruit but aren't sending out random invites just to fill the Discord. :expressionless:

We run pretty tight, can typically take on groups a good deal larger than ourselves, but what we do more often is flank for a larger guild/blob. That way we work together and can do what's best for us. We ask people to play certain builds when we're running official for the good of the group, but there's time to run other things as well...

With the exception of one guy our Discord isn't xx rated. We made him his own section so you don't have to go... it's more like "R" rated though I guess, lol.

If you haven't found a fit yet and want some info post here or send me a PM and I'll give you more info and you can chat with our GL.


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