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Can we PLEASE have a warning for expensive items on the TP?

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@Atelia.4852 said:

@TheQuickFox.3826 said:Just save the gold and look twice before spending. If investing means buying items off trading post, be very well aware of the trading post fees when you want to resell the item(s) later and the risk you take that the goods lowered in price while you were holding them. Most items tend to go down in price over time in this game.

Ah, you make a good point. I'd like to find some way to put gold away so I don't accidentally spend it again, though.

If you plan to craft your own legendary weapon, it could not hurt much to stock up some of the required materials if you really want to spend some beforehand. But if you plan to buy the legendary directly off the TP I would just save coin.

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