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So scourge feels really good. Like fantastically good.It nails the condition vomit that I've wanted from necromancer for a while.I don't mean like what we had where you just spin like a monkey and throw icicles at people that make them hemorrhage. I mean legitimate vomit. Just tons of different condis and respectable stacks of said condis all splurged out in a relatively short timeframe that obliterate trash mobs (and bad players I suppose). Huge bonus that a lot of the condi puke is also aoe so I can just gather a bunch of trash and hatevomit it all into a mess of fire, poison, blood, and various other forms of matter that the coroner can only describe as "probably organic at some point" after mopping it up with an industrial grade set of cleaning supplies.

I am unsure how raid viable it is at the moment (rumors have it that weaver is breaking 50k), but for now I hardly care. I like blowing things up by almost literally rolling my hand across the keyboard. I'm also so very glad that mobs in pve have gained boon uptime of more than like 10-25%. Some of them even have perma boons pulsing. Which means more damage for me!

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