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New Legendary Warhorn: Verdarach

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@"Zaraki.5784" said:I don't like a crucial thing, why is the "exit hole" facing down? It should be facing up!

I believe the exit hole will be facing forward when the toon brings the mouth piece up to his face. (The horn will turn 90 degrees, so the exit hole will no longer be pointing downward when the horn is blown.)

Just my guess...


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@"MetalGirl.2370" said:I don't like it.It's going to look ridiculous seeing people running around with it.I wish Anet would start making proper skins - to scale and serious looking. It doesn't strike me as serious when that thing is probably heavier than my character :/

As some players have pointed out before, the designers have a pattern of doing both a "serious" and "comical" version of each legendary weapon. The Howler was the serious one. This is the comical/exaggerated one. I think they did a wonderful job on both. There are plenty of scaled-to-char skins in the game. It's nice to have something special like this that actually meets the term "LEGENDARY".

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