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(EU-WvW) Semi-Casual and returning WvW enthousiast looking for guild


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I have returned to playing Guild Wars 2 after not doing so since vanilla. My primary goal will be playing "casual" WvW, joining in whenever I have time to do as such. I am however looking to learn a new class and skillset so I would have no problems being a full-time support in any desirable class, if it helps the WvW group better perform whenever I can join in. I do not mind switching servers at all, if required.

I am a 24yr. old long time Guild Wars enthousiast (Played GW1 for 4-5 years) with a full time job. I would very much enjoy a social guild and will be able to participate in voice chat when WvWing if preferred, looking to have a fun time with a group of social people while being able to get some decent WvW stuff done

Other hobbies include: anything IT and tech related, playing Scottish Bagpipes, watching Anime and collecting said merchandise and collecting Funko Pops.

Looking forward to hear from you if you feel there is a spot available where I can settle with likeminded individuals. Thanks!

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Hello Shado,

If you are interested in playing on an NA server, I'd suggest considering joining [sOAR]!

Onward And Upward [sOAR] is a smaller guild located on Sanctum of Rall server. We focus on World vs. World primarily but also do PvE. We have no activity requirements but appreciate all our members' support. Our goal is to help new or returning players like you get back up to speed and take off in the game! This includes a guild Discord with information, theorycrafting, and mentoring. I think we'd make a great compliment to whatever other guilds you join! Additionally, if we're on different servers we're happy to help pay for your transfer. If you're interested in joining us, please send a message to Mysteriax.6049 or on Discord at Bad Axxe#2937. Thanks and have a great day!

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