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[NA] Looking for Guild w/ Weeknight Raids


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My current guild is taking an extended break from raiding, and I am interested in finding another guild that I can regularly raid with. I'm not super-experienced with raids, but I've done most of the wing 1-4 bosses at least once, and have done several full clears of wings 1 and 4. I usually play banner warrior, but I also have a firebrand/dragonhunter that are also in full ascended gear.

My biggest requirement is timing: I'm only consistently available to raid on Mon, Tues, and Wednesday nights (I'm EST time zone). Every guild I've looked at thus far either raids only on the weekends, or is way too hardcore for my tastes and says they'll kick you if you blink during a raid. I can make raids in those time slots almost 100%, but anything on other days I will only be able to attend on rare occasions. I much prefer a casual and more relaxed raid environment - even if it takes longer than in those hardcore groups, at least you can have fun doing it!

If your guild fits the bill, please contact me either here or in-game and I would love to hear from you! I love joining for other content such as fractals and WvW as well, but being able to raid consistently is the #1 thing I'm looking for now.

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