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[NA][PvE] Hall of Tainted Souls [HoTS] - Casual Guild LF active new/experienced players

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TLDRWe run fractals, dungeons, and guild missions.


  1. Be friendly. I don't tolerate mean people.
  2. Be active and involved. It's cool if you're on all the time, but if you're not doing anything with guild mates, why are you here? Say something in chat, and start some event with guild mates. Ex. "I wanna do some fractals, who's in?" If you can't be active because of life, let me know in advance. I understand life gets in the way and not everyone can be on for long periods of time.
  3. Help each other out. If you know an answer to someone's question, be a dear and answer them.
  4. You only need to represent us when we're doing guild missions. Why? If you don't rep during guild missions, the guild won't get credit for the mission, and the mission will have been done in vain. RIP :(. Any other time, you're free to rep whichever guild you like.
  5. Don't be a freeloader. If you can't contribute in some way to the guild, please don't ask for an invite. What do I mean by contribute? Donating gold or materials to help the guild level up. Or doing guild events. Or helping other guild mates out. I'm not asking for a lot. It could be 1% of whatever you got or whatever you're willing to part with. I just don't want this guild to be one that was funded by just me and my single officer. It is very mean to expect just 2 of us to fund what is supposed to be a group effort.

Current Situation

  • We're a newly created guild. Meaning we don't have anything except each other. If you were hoping to freeload off a big guild, sorry we're not that guild.
  • Since we're new, we don't have people. So I'm recruiting for more. I'm hoping to get at least 10 active people, and that will be good enough for me. :)
  • I want to create a small group of people that do dungeons and fractals together. For the folks that have expansion packs, do meta events together. Basically do things together as a group.
  • Raids? Sorry but none of us currently know how to do them. You won't find any help here except for maybe us pointing you to wiki or reddit.
  • WvW? We only do that when it's an easy daily. We're not really interested in WvW. Why? We miss the time when there were huge zergs running around claiming things.
  • PvP? We don't like this either. Easy daily to be done here? Then yes, otherwise no. You're better off finding a guild that will do those 2 things with you than asking us.

About Us

  • We're a small group of friends, but we're not clique-y. If you need help, we're willing to help out. We're friendly and drama free. We won't bite, promise.
  • We're also learning to do things ourselves, so there will be times where we don't have the answer to your question. Hey, we're only human.
  • We don't require you to run certain builds in dungeons/fractals. We'll make it through as long as you're patient enough.
  • Discord is our voice communication, but honestly we're shy and will use guild chat.


  • Guild events will be run on weekends when there are enough players online. Most likely Sunday after daily reset.
  • You can request for missions throughout the week, but keep in mind there needs to be enough people online to do them.
  • We're mostly in the pacific time zone, so if you in a different one, it will be hard to do guild missions with you.
  • Edit: We're going to be most active around 5-12 pm PST because of work, school, etc.

If you actually managed to read all of this and are still interested, pm [deadfinalpower.6475] in game for an invite. Or post here that you're interested or pm me on this forum.

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