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Is there a Camera setting for a Depth of Field (DoF)?

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At the beginning of the most recent LS trailer, it shows Joko walking and the camera is showing a significant Depth of Field (DoF). In other words, his feet and legs are in focus, while the background is out of focus. The scene appears to have been made using the in game graphics engine as well. Thus, it appears the devs have access to a DoF option for their camera.

Is there a similar DoF setting available for players? I've looked at the Option tab for Camera settings, but I don't see anything obvious there. A search on the GW2 wiki didn't find anything, A quick google search didn't seem to find any in-game options, but there might be some 3rd party graphics tweaks for it.

If it doesn't exist as a player option in game, I think it would be a nice feature to add. It's not something I would use during regular gameplay, but I would love to use it when making screenshots of my character or some of the landscapes.

tl;dr: Does DoF exist in game? If not, should it be added?

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@"Stormcrow.7513" said:Really sorry to necro this but I can't seem to get GW2 to work with DoF. Using Reshade atm with P912Pxy. Anyone ever get it to work or is there still the problem of the netcode not allowing DoF injectors?

I'm using "MatsoDOF" and "LightDoF_AutoFocus" + "LightDoF_Far" combination with GW2 Hook and it works pretty well and does not disturb gameplay. I'm using my own settings for them.

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