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19:9:13:1589:101 Error Code


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So I played PoF today and was enjoying myself but eventually had to get some dinner. I turn off GW2 and my PC because it's a waste of energy etc. I eat and come back, excited to play more, then I get the error code 19:9:13:1589:101 and it says that it usually happens due to firewalls, routers or if logged in from a campus network - I was at home, same settings, nothing changed within those 1.5 h! I try logging in with a different char (since I think it might be the new PoF maps, right). I get to the Plains of Ascalon with my ranger, think to myself, let me do some PvP if I cannot do PoF stuff.Same as yesterday (or ever since the release of PoF), my PvP loading screen is eternal and ends up being a network error. Fine, I try with a different char and suddenly none of my characters work anymore and I get the same 19:9:13:1589:101 code for all of them.

This makes me incredibly angry, Arena Net! I am a huge fan and bought the deluxe version of both HoT and PoF, been playing since 5 years and love the game. Now I just cannot play it anymore. I've submitted two tickets since yesterday and nothing. No phone number, no in-game service, no helpline - this sucks! I've spent a lot of time and money on this game and it looks like I cannot play it anymore.

Anyone else had/have this issue?(sorry for the rant, but ugh)

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