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Mastery Points - ArenaNet Please Help Out this 55 Year Old Gamer with 19 Year of MMO Experience

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@"Bones.5730" said:I came back to GuildWars 2 after I quit due to the complete lack of any reasonable ways to get Mastery Points. Path of Fire was a true game changer. I WAS having so much fun, until now.Simply allow me to get one "Mastery Point" everytime I fill up my experience bar, then clear my Experience Bar and let me continue. Why is this not allowed? FORCING me to do crazy collections and other crazy things that I can NEVER, EVER accomplish just forces me to stop playing, I don't want to stop playing. Do you understand? I have looked at ALL the ways to get these Mastery Points, I can not EVER accomplish these tasks...I am too old and on too much medication to even attempt them, I did complete the Karka one and that about killed me.

This is not complicated nor should it be hard to fix. When your level 80, each time you fill in your Experience Bar, you get a Mastery Point. Done and Done. But no, I am expected to keep playing, killing thousands of mobs an hour, every node I mine, every single thing in the game gives you experience I get NONE of it, it's wasted time.

Hell, sell me Mastery Points, I would buy em, SOMETHING to let me get Mastery Points from just pure Experience. Path of Fire completely changed the game for me, it is so much fun, but I just can't play and gain nothing for playing, would you?

Come on. Be serious, OP... I'm an utterly mediocre player who couldn't score gold in any of the HoT games, and dies in T4 dailies. But I got 278 masteries with ease. Theyre 80% fetch-quests, or story-completion, or walk-up-and-hit-F. Just make a little effort.

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I've been playing this game since beta and I still love it BUT the Mastery system is something I will NEVER like. They have improved the situation with PoF because most Mastery points just require me to walk/jump to and collect them. NICE, I am so grateful for that! <3

BUT there are points I will NEVER get: core Tyria ones with the insane AP grind (I am not an achievement hunter kind of person and most of these tasks are impossible for me), mastery points that are locked behind raids, and the HoT ones that require me to get Silver and Gold scores on those annoying "mini games" I'm EXTREMELY bad at so I'm forever stuck at Bronze, no matter how many times I try I never manage to get better so doing them is a waste of my free time and a source of stress.

Fortunately, I managed to get enough Mastery points to unlock the ALL the important things I needed so at this point I'm like "whatever" BUT I really wish we could get rid of the points and just get them by filling up the exp bar. Having to get exp AND points is such a pain in the Charr tail, not to mention that ALL the exp I get is permanently wasted because I will never reach max Mastery points. It's a horrible system.

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