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Shredder build updated 4 years later


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Hello fellow dead people,

I have just returned to GW2 after a 4 year break and obviously I found many things have changed, including my old necro power build (link to the talk here mentioning me in notes http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build_talk:Necromancer_-_DS_Shredder ) which no longer works. So while I find my feet and save mats to craft some viper gear, I only have my old exotic Zerker set with scholar runes, and this is what I came up with.

I cant be bothered using food etc and only a couple of trinkets are ascended, and I mainly use it for open world, so no PVPing! , but I still want to see large numbers and quickly, no messing about. You should see 25 stacks of might on yourself and 25 stack of vuln. maintained on anything over veteran level, not lower as they usually die too fast.

This build is certified as passing the "BIG DOMAGES!" test and is not requiring too much brain power.

TL;DR Usage:Go into Death Shroud and start mowing the lawn with skill 4 and 1.

Usage:Run into mobs and either go into shroud if ready or spam all shouts apart from heal, then build LF with great sword and go into shroud.Press 3 then 4 all will be dead, if champ or higher let auto-attack do the business and use 2 to get around to next victim, use skill 4 when recharged, that's it. Spam your weapon skills when you're waiting to rebuild life force, and enjoy. Oh and since I have just bought the expansion and have mounts there is no mobility skill, feel free to swap utility skill 3 for your preferred speed boost if you need to.


Thanks,Chullster (Dead Geezer)

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@Chullster.3608 said:As no one has replied I'm assuming this build is awful/out-of-date or something? I was hoping for suggestions to improve or even negative comments, is it really that bad?

Not at all. Everything is viable for open world PvE. It's a power reaper build and that's just what you need. Condition damage isn't bad, but you can kill mobs faster with power damage.

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