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Can't log in

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Connection failed. Please try again.

Build: 89447Error Code: 1076:4:5:2477

I've bought two copies back when the game was B2P. One of the accounts works, this one doesn't. I can also login with a new account just fine. It seems it's just this one that throws that error no matter what I try or how long I wait. I also tried logging in on multiple PCs so no use in posting specs.

So I'm left with a new account where I cannot add friends, invite/join party or whisper. What a nice way of treating returning players. The only thing I can do is trade items, so the one thing this free account nonsense is meant to accomplish - stop farmbots, it fails miserably. The only thing it does manage to do properly is to fuck over new players.

But that's a separate issue. I'd like to log into my account please and thanks.

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It is nothing personal, but... why do people always act like it is something personally ArenaNet has against the players?

"What a nice way of treating returning players." yes, and new players also have problems. So what? Open a support ticket and wait for it to be worked on.

btw. article 10b of https://www.guildwars2.com/en/legal/guild-wars-2-user-agreement/You acknowledge that Service may be interrupted for reasons within or beyond the control of ArenaNet, that ArenaNet cannot and does not guarantee You will be able to use the Game or any Account whenever You wish to do so[...]

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