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[NA] [DB] [PvE/PvX] Late-night [GMT -8] noob looking for a Casual, Newbie-friendly Guild/Group

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Trigger warning: Old fart ahead! Dad-joke likelihood: HIGH

41yo dude with family (hence the late night play after kids/wife have gone to bed) just picked up GW2 and fun times are had but cluelessness is the norm. I'm looking for a casual guild and would appreciate any help I could get to become (slightly) less clueless. At the minimum, said guild would get some cheap entertainment from me as I fumble through the learning curve and fall for every trick in the proverbial book. Said guild could potentially end up with a moderately competent, grateful and loyal player! (As in: I could help you find and recruit that player!)

I really only have experience in PvE in MMOs but I'm open to learning/trying some PvP/WvW eventually. I'd be willing to transfer to (or start over on) a new server as well since I just started and have little invested in this server. I have used Vent, Mumble, TeamSpeak & Dischord. I typically play online between 11pm and 2am PST.

My History/Experience:I'm not completely new to MMORPGs and my life is not conducive to a giant time commitment but I keep getting drawn back to this [my favorite] genre.. I played EQ for a couple of months back when it was cool. I still fondly remember the feeling of "spinning plates" with my Enchanter. Next "real" MMO was WoW. I played "semi-hardcore" in "heroic" (and later "mythic") raiding guilds from end of Cata to the end MoP. FWIW, I wrote my own macros and WeakAuras and parsed my own logs back then!

Then I took a long break from gaming regularly for life stuff. Earlier this year, I tried an Action MMO (TERA) and found that I really enjoyed it. So much that I don't have any desire for a tab-targeted MMO anymore. That game has little going for it outside of the actual combat experience (which is still phenomenal). In fact, it has a long list of serious issues so I don't see much of a future for myself there... Anyhow, I started F2P GW2 about a week ago after learning about and trying the Action Camera setting and have been having lots of fun. Just picked up both expansions last night because who can resist a promotion where you get one-half off? Well, besides babies getting circumcised, who can resist?

Anyhow, if your guild has room for a dummochist (that's the lovechild from an unholy union between a dummy and a masochist), then perhaps I could be that dummochist!

P.S. Why is there no LF-Guild function built into this MMO?

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aha. you know when a bread making company goes out of business, what do we tell them? it's toast!definitely like dad jokes around here.lots of us are in our late 20s, 30s, and some in their 40s but due to rl, the latter is a bit inactive.overall, we're mature but still young at hearts and don't take things too seriously since this game is pretty casual.we'd want to keep the atmosphere as chill and relaxing as possible while grow and nurture the community.so eventually we could all play end game contents and enjoy what the game has to offer.

we use Discord as our voice comm and i'm online to play around 9pm CST until like 2-3am CST. which is only about midnight or 1am your time.time wise we're a perfect fit since i'm off work late and can only play late. some are daddies too and you know what it feels. have tow wait till they hide all their wives and kids before sneaking in to play.

we have room for everything from dummochist to sadist who likes jumping puzzles. gosh.if you have a bit of time, can read some more info about us here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/41284/na-pvx-intense-pleasure-mmm-chill-guild-lfm-filthy-casuals-and-new-faces-officers-wanted#latest

p.s. this game is weird. it's more like guilds digging hard for people and not the other way around.

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