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Unable to buy living world season 3

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Does it!? Well, I don't know why Season 3 is not available, then. You can try contacting the CS Team, and ask them.

Good luck.

Edit: So, I went in-game and neither Living World Season Packs show up for me (on an account that has all Episodes unlocked). Also, neither show up on the Wiki as 'giftable' items.

Ok, I went on another account that does not have Season Two Episodes unlocked, and the Season Bundle is available, but it can not be gifted. The only icon with it is the 'bundle' icon. Season 3 Bundles is not available, but that account does not own Heart of Thorns, so not surprising that they don't show up in the Gem Store or the Story Journal.

Your client may need a -repair, or the GW2 cache cleared. Not sure.

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