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[LFG][NSP] Looking for small group WvW/PvP guild (flexible on server)


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Been in larger and smaller WvW guilds, but always looking for a core group of players who know they're not the best but always looking to improve. Previously I had a ton of fun with WvW guilds but found they never cared enough to practice or learn more, either in zerg or small group/1v1. Looking for a guild who is always seeking to improve but also have fun doing so, able to enjoy a night of banter/drinking/chilling out.


  • 3 years WvW experience (short-term commander of MAS, small group and solo roaming exp)
  • sPvP since s1, placement gold 2 in s12
  • Power shatter since HoT, now mirage
  • Power reaper since HoT
  • Mainly PvE ele, but know the class inside and out
  • can play silver level on other classes
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