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Hi. I'm starting a new Guild (Pure Essence [PE]) that will concentrate mainly on dominating Fracs for level 80 players but all in all, just having fun doing what ever. Pure Essence is to be a casual guild, keeping the fun in-game and not turning the game into a job or a meeting room with Discord or what ever. You are free to live a healthy life when you log out of GW2, lol.

I want mature players who don't mind dropping what they're doing to help another guildie. So if you're a new player or just sitting in a Guild not really doing anything (been there done that), want help or assistance, you're welcome to join Pure Essence. Send me a pm in-game for an invite.

Server: Anvil Rock

ME: Reepra, Missdolittle, Guiltyasphuk, Showandtell....um for got the rest, lol

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